APNA Truck Show – June 2019

Dear Exhibitor,

Now that the hustle and bustle of the 2019 APNA Truck Show has died down, we wanted to once again thank you for making the event a great success. For the locals, your commute was hopefully easy on all days, and for those from out of town, we hope your journeys back home were stress free and relaxing.

The 2019 APNA Truck Show was a huge success and it proved once again to be the largest and most attended trucking event in Western Canada. As in the past, the show booths were spectacular, offering visitors a lot to see and learn. And this year, the APNA Truck Show was a sold out event with respect to booth space; so thank you once again for your confidence.

Last year, we were fortunate to have Hyundai Translead and Kingpin Trailers donate a 53’ trailer that was won by Hardev Bajwa, who used his own truck to pull the trailer home after the show. This year, once again, Hyundai Translead and Kingpin Trailers came through with another 53’ trailer, and this year, the winner was Tariq Malik. Congratulations to Tariq!

This year, our charity of choice was the Kids Play Foundation, who’s vision is to keep our streets and communities safe by organizing sports tournaments, conferences, and other projects for our youth so they stay away from the lifestyle of gangs, violence, and drugs. As per estimates, $50,000 was raised for the Kids Play Foundation and we’d like to thank all of you who purchased tickets.

This year, the APNA Truck Show Advisory Committee was instrumental in making key decisions that made the show even better. A huge thank you to the Advisory Committee for taking the time to invest in the show’s progress, growth, and popularity.

We welcome your feedback about the 2019 APNA Truck Show – please know that we ask for all of your feedback, both positive and constructive because it’s the only way to make sure the show gets even better in 2021. Send us your comments, opinions, and any statements you’d like to make.

From all of us as the APNA Truck Show team, thank you once again for being a part of the 2019 APNA Truck Show and for making it a success. We hope you had a great time and we look forward to seeing you again in 2021.

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