JUNE 12 - 13, 2021

Tradex Centre, Abbotsford.

Trade Show

The 2019 APNA Truck Show was a huge success and it proved once again to be the largest and most attended trucking event in Western Canada. As in the past, the show booths were spectacular, offering visitors a lot to see and learn. So thank you once again for your confidence.

In the year 2017, we were fortunate to have Hyundai Translead and Kingpin Trailers donate a 53’ trailer that was won by Hardev Bajwa, who used his own truck to pull the trailer home after the show. Last year, once again, Hyundai Translead and Kingpin Trailers came through with another 53’ trailer, and this time the winner was Tariq Malik. Congratulations to Tariq!

Our charity of choice in 2019 was ‘Kids Play Foundation’, who’s vision is to keep our streets and communities safe by organizing sports tournaments, conferences, and other projects for our youth so they stay away from the lifestyle of gangs, violence, and drugs. Close to $50,000 was raised for the Kids Play Foundation and we’d like to thank all of you for your support.

The 2019 APNA Truck Show Advisory Committee was instrumental in making key decisions that made the show even better. A huge thank you to the Advisory Committee for taking the time to invest in the show’s progress, growth, and popularity.

We welcome your feedback about the 2019 APNA Truck Show – please know that we ask for all of your feedback, both positive and constructive because it’s the only way to make sure the show gets even better in 2021. Send us your comments, opinions, and any statements you’d like to make at info@apnatruckshow.com.

From all of us at the APNA Truck Show team, thank you once again for being a part of the 2019 APNA Truck Show and for making it a success. We hope you had a great time and we look forward to seeing you again in 2021.


The Job Fair, one of the key components of APNA Truck Show 2021, is expected to be even bigger than in the past.Trucking companies filling their driver needs. Not only did recruiters have the opportunity to meet with and even interview potential drivers, drivers also had the opportunity to explore requirements and benefits of various companies.


The Show & Shine will again be a major highlight, where visitors will have a chance to polish, buff, and showcase their special vehicles, ranging from customized rigs to classic cars and motorcycles. If you’re a truck, auto, or motorcycle enthusiast then register your vehicle.


Apna Truck Show 2021 will once again feature non-stop entertainment during the event. While gathering information on products and services, take time out to enjoy dancing, singing, and other forms of entertainment, both of ethnic and western styles. This is one venue where work can definitely be mixed with fun and excitement.


Looking to get more information that is crucial to the transport industry? The 2021 APNA Truck Show will again feature many seminars that focus on business, safety, health, and other topics that need to be discussed. Take part in these seminars so you stay current.
As always, CBS Parts enjoyed the event immensely! The sheer number of people that visited our booth really cemented our belief that this is the show to exhibit at. We believe in this so much that we’d love to upgrade our sponsorship at the next show to Title Sponsor.

Jessica Murray

CBS Parts Ltd.

We thought this was a great show. The organization was good, the traffic/attendance was amazing.

Tina McBride

CIT Canada

We were very happy with the attendance and the amount of actual trucking people who attended.  Many good leads were generated and there was nothing but positive comments about the show.

Ray Cotton

Inland Kenworth

It was great to see the interest in attending the show but you really do need to pre-sell tickets, open more booths or do something to facilitate moving the people in faster.

Ken Tanner

SAF-HOLLAND Canada Limited


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